Did "This Is Us" star Chrissy Metz have gastric bypass surgery? That was the big question recently. Turns out that no, the actress didn't but her character Kate might. At least weight loss is in the script. Metz opened up obesity and body image issues to Wendy Williams. She identified key relationships between body love, being healthy and losing weight. Metz also explained how the show could assist with weight loss.

Chrissy Metz weight loss to mirror "This Is Us" role?

Kate was her several years ago, says Metz of her "This Is Us" character. Kate struggles with obesity and finding love despite body size.

Chrissy doesn't agonize over her size anymore but she used to have major body image issues. Excessive weight gain created low self-esteem and shame. Self fat-shaming is one of the biggest roadblocks to weight loss. But if it is turned around, poor self-image can be a tool to getting healthier. So Kate is finding on the show. Instead of bariatric surgery like Mama June of Honey Boo Boo fame tried, Kate went to "fat camp" and met her love interest. But Metz got there first, finding peace of mind and then romance.

Chrissy Metz says body love then weight loss

That may sound like an oxymoron--big body love means not only self-acceptance but positivity about body size. So any attempt to lose weight might be seen as bailing on body positivity.

Metz says that's not the entire story. The "This Is Us" star sized up the dilemma saying that shedding weight begins and ends with self-confidence. Any eating disorder--obesity or anorexia--is rooted in mental health issues. Overeaters drown low self-worth in food while anorexics starve to quell fat-shaming inner voices. But then, the celebrity neatly framed the solution.

Because Metz is at the place where she accepts herself for who is is, she now can get to the place she wants to be.

"This Is Us" is weight loss catalyst

Because the character Chrissy Metz plays will lose weight, she will logically have to as well. Slimmer stars like Chris Sullivan who plays Kate's fiance, can wear a fat suit to portray a bigger man.

But there's no way to disguise the heavier body. Metz calls it "coincidence" that she booked a role which parallels her own weight loss journey. She didn't explain to Wendy Williams how she planned to lose weight. Bariatric surgery isn't in the plan but is her new love life? Metz appeared happily in love with boyfriend Josh Stancil at the SAG Awards.