Is Kailyn Lowry pregnant after her divorce from Javi Marroquin? Did the "Teen Mom 2" star reveal a baby bump and positive pregnancy test on Instagram? The reality TV mom certainly looks heavier after last year's weight loss. Did those reports of cheating on husband Javi result in another unplanned pregnancy for the "16 and Pregnant" star? Recently, Lowry refused her crying son Isaac Rivera visits with his beloved stepdad Javi. Kail's new drama has folks calling on Lowry's baby daddy Jo Rivera to take custody of their son Isaac.

Kailyn Lowry pregnancy questions answered

When the "Teen Mom" showed off pics on Instagram, social media users were pretty sure they saw a baby bump. Then Kail shared a picture of a positive pregnancy test which lit up the Internet. Rumors of infidelity have been leveled at the "Teen Mom 2" star. Kailyn suggested that she had a new relationship in December. After she and Javi got into a heated Twitter feud recently, Marroquin said his ex disgusts him. He hinted at new hookups, though he himself has a new girlfried, Cassie Bucka. This made Kailyn's pregnancy more believable. When asked by a fan point blank, Lowry said no, she was not expecting. Her rep called the photoshopped pregnancy test a "fabrication."

Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin told to grow up

If the reality television mom is pregnant, she won't be able to keep it a secret for long.

That lent credibility to her denial. But the teen mom's other parenting fails have folks questioning her ability to care for her children. The 24-year-old coldly ignored son Isaac Rivera in his tearful pleas to visit Javi after the divorce. The Twitter spat and constant fighting goaded Isaac's dad Jo Rivera to speak up. The "16 and Pregnant" dad told Marroquin and Lowry to act like grown-ups, if only for the kids.

So why does Kailyn Lowry look bigger?

The "Teen Mom" has gained and lost weight several times, and not just with pregnancy. In a clip with Rivera she looks possibly 50 pounds heavier than she did in last year's weight loss pictures. Was it because she hadn't lost weight but only looked smaller after plastic surgery? A breast implant procedure can make the waist look much smaller, as Mama June Shannon of "Honey Boo Boo" shows in her new reality show.

Kail had a Brazillian butt lift and tummy tuck which not only reduce the stomach, but make it appear tiny atop the butt implants. Weight gain could also be due to a comfort food addiction following the divorce from Marroquin.