The season 7 finale of The Vampire Diaries was emotionally devastating for Bonnie Bennett. Her best friend, Damon Salvatore, was affected by the creature inside the Armory's vault. Her lover, Enzo, was also taken. If losing the two men closest to her was not enough, the TVD character also lost her powers once again.

What is in store for Bonnie when The CW series returns this fall? Actress Kat Graham teases that Bonnie may not get her old powers back, but couldbe the recipient of new magic.

Bonnie's magic in 'The Vampire Diaries'

Kat Graham's character was a witch and she came from a long line of them.

In the first season, viewers met her grandmother, who instantly knew Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) was a vampire. She wouldn't even let him step inside of her home.

Through the seasons, Bonnie went through ordeals just like the other characters, including losing her magic. She managed to get it backbut lost it again in the season finale. So, what will happen in season 8? Will Bonnie get her magic back?

The Bennett witch may get new powers

According to TVD spoilers, Bonnie may not get her old powers back. However, the actress teased the witch may get a new set of magicalabilities. Keep in mind that this has not been confirmed, but is a theory based on a set of spoilers that was recently released.

The speculation comes from an interview with executive producer Julie Plec, in which she says Enzo (Michael Malarkey) will leave Bonnie clues. Pretty much, the missing vampire will give his girlfriend bread crumbs to follow. It was not revealed how Enzo's hints would tie into Bonnie getting new powers. However, the more important question is if it really Enzo or is if the creature is just luring Graham's character.

Bonnie's future in 'The Vampire Diaries'

In addition to the possibility of getting a new set of magical skills, Bonnie Bennett and Elena Gilbert's relationship was teased. Everyone is excited for Nina Dobrev to reprise her role as Elena on The Vampire Diaries. However, the two may not get a chance to have a reunion.

As fans know, if Bonnie dies, then Elena wakes up and vice versa.

Unless there is some sort of loophole, Bonnie and Elena meeting once again just isn't possible. However, Graham said the two characters already had their closure, so viewers shouldn't get too upset.

Kat Graham wants Bonnie to die?

The cast and crew spoke about the final season of the vampire series. Even though viewers want Bonnie to have a happy ending, Graham wants something else.

She said that a good ending for her character wouldn't be riding off into the sunset with Enzo. Instead, she wants Bonnie to be strong, even if she has to die as a result.

Do you believe Bonnie will get new powers when the television show returns? If so, what kind of magical talents would you like to see the character have in The Vampire Diaries?