Fans cannot seem to figure out how a studio with seemingly unlimited resources and contacts is finding it so difficult to create a series of films that is being adapted from some seriously compelling source material. What makes things worse is when a certain, under-hyped “Lego Batman movie” prances in and steals the show without even breaking a sweat.

The latest trouble brewing inside the DC cinematic universe is the lack of a director for the ‘Batman’ standalone film, but it seem like the studio has found a replacement at long last.

Taking control

According to the latest report, Matt Reeves, the director of “Cloverfield” and “Let me in”, has been hired as the director of the next “Batman” movie, and he seems pleased as punch about it. After the announcement from Warner Bros, Reeves has said that he is “honored and excited” to be working on the project, and is looking to bring an “epic and emotional take” of the dark knight on the big screen.

Further reports suggest that Ben Affleck is still associated with the film and is only stepping away from the director’s role. Well that’s good news, because without Affleck being retained in the DC cinematic universe, things would certainly seem out of place considering how deeply invested the studio already is to the existing story line.

Lessons to be learned

The enormous success of “The Batman Lego Movie” must have not only been a huge relief for DC and WB, but must have also served as a lesson in handling 'Batman' films. The first big step that the studio took after finally tasting success inside the DC universe was hiring Chris McKay, director of “The Batman Lego Movie” to also direct the recently announced “Nightwing” film.

Hiring the right people is definitely one big improvement within the studio, but what they need to also take away from the “Lego” version of “Batman” is simply how to cherish and appreciate a character that has been a fan-favorite for decades.

Instead of attempting to draw unnecessarily complex emotions from the superhero, it would be great to see the studio build on the brilliant lore that has taken the dark knight this far already. Whether Matt Reeves can deliver on this front, only time will tell.