A "Nightwing" movie is coming, spinning off from the current slate of DC Comics movies coming out from Warner Bros. The best news of all when it comes to this character from The Batman universe is that Warner Bros. has hired none other than Chris McKay to direct the movie.

Chris McKay most recently directed "The Lego Batman Movie." That movie actually saw Dick Grayson start off as Robin and then take on the costume of Nightwing as the movie progressed. This, however, will not be a Lego movie and will take place in the same universe as "Batman vs.

Superman" and the upcoming "The Batman" movie.

Who is Nightwing?

Most people know all about Batman and Robin. What non-comic book reading fans might not know is that there are five different Robin's. Dick Grayson is the first and the one most people know about. The others are Jason Todd, who became the villain Red Hood, Tom Drake ("Teen Titans Go"), and Damien Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne. There is also a girl named Carrie Kelley from the "Dark Knight Returns" universe.

Dick Grayson left Batman to set out on his own career and moved to Bludhaven, which was a city referenced in "Lego Batman Movie." He changed his costume and name to Nightwing to escape the shadow of the Caped Crusader.

How Does Nightwing tie into the DC Comics movies?

There were rumors when "Batman vs. Superman" was made that Robin was dead, murdered by The Joker before the events of the movie took place. That Robin would have been Jason Todd.

At the end of Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight Rises," a young police officer who helped Batman found the Batcave after Batman was presumed dead.

He went to an airport on the way there and someone said his nickname was "Robin." However, his name was John Blake.

There were also rumors that Dick Grayson would show up in a cameo in "BvS" as a cop but that never happened. The "Nightwing" movie, in this case, would be about Dick Grayson, the character that almost appeared in "Batman vs.


"Nightwing" Movie and other upcoming DC Comics movies

While fans of Nightwing will get excited, this is one of many movies that Warner Bros. is making in the DC Comics universe. "Wonder Woman," "Justice League"parts one and two, "Aquaman," "Green Lantern Corps," "The Batman," "The Flash," "Shazam," and many more movies are already announced. A "Nightwing" movie is coming, but don't expect it anytime soon.

Are you excited about the "Nightwing" movie? Who would you cast as Dick Grayson?