New official images of the new saga have been revealed, at the end of this article you can see all the images filtered in a video. Finally, the destroying God appeared with the appearance of the famous Gimli, in the image of the God Gimli, you can see that he is accompanied by eight angels, three Gods of destruction, and three Kaioshin.

On the other hand, Gohan will return to train with Piccolo before the tournament begins of the 12 universes. We know that the Zeno Sama tournament is a survival tournament so our beloved characters have the mission to win the tournament, because otherwise they will be destroyed.

Training like in the old days?

Goku fights against a very curious warrior, this warrior is shown in the image of this article, it is necessary to emphasize that in the advance referred to as part of the universal tournament, it is appreciated that Goku is fighting against another warrior with the appearance of a Wolf. In the image of this article, you can see that the hidden warrior of the destroying clown god uses white gloves and has a lilac skin color. It is also possible that this warrior may take on the appearance of other warriors.

New revelations about the universal tournament

The tournament of the twelve universes, debuts in Chapter 77 of "Dragon Ball Super." Goku will meet with Zeno Sama and will ask him to begin the universal tournament.

Zeno Sama tells Goku that the tournament will be very exciting and decides that any losing universe will be destroyed instantly. In Chapter 77, Goku and Wiss go to look for Vegeta and when they arrive at the house of Vegeta, Goku and Wiss are surprised to see that Bulma is pregnant. Bulma will have a daughter named Bra.

Goku has to gather 10 fighters to participate in the universal tournament.

The protagonist tells Gohan that he should participate in the tournament. While Gohan is undecided at first, he thinks of his family, and the thought of protecting them. Ultimately, he uses his family as motivation, and agrees to take part.