Monday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," at Spencer Publications, Bill was hungry for any dirt he could get on Ridge. Liam and Wyatt reported small, insignificant details about Nicole and Zende's wedding to the Spencer patriarch. Liam also commented that he noticed that Ridge didn't scowl at Quinn at the wedding. Bill's curiosity was piqued by the fact that Ridge is suddenly friendly with Wyatt's mother.

Quinn tries to talk to Ivy

Quinn came downstairs to find Ivy waiting in the living room. "I'm just waiting for uncle Eric," she said. She pressed Quinn to find out what was going on between her and Ridge.

"Yes, you saw what you saw, and you heard what you're just drawing the wrong conclusion from it," Quinn said, which sounded laughable to Ivy. Ivy then questioned what would be the 'right' conclusion.

Quinn told Ivy that that if she promises to hear her out, she will tell her exactly what is going on. She explained that when she fell in love with Eric, something inside of her changed -- something she's still struggling with. She went on to say that she never had an adolescence, or any discipline, and that she has only had her own impulses to guide her in life. Her quote can be seen below.

Quinn continued to try to level with her, and even compared her past relationship with Wyatt to the situation, but Ivy wasn't buying her story.

She quickly informed her that she won't stand by and watch her hurt her uncle, and left.

Ridge seems doubtful with Brooke

At Forrester, Ridge had a flashback of his last kiss with Quinn, before Brooke arrived. Brooke had a sexy surprise for him -- in lingerie. Brooke suggested that they get married in Australia. "You sure you wanna marry me?" he asked.

Brooke found that it was a rather odd question. "You should think about it," he said. After getting dressed, Brooke caught her fiance in deep thought. She asked about Quinn's behavior at the wedding. She then wondered why Ridge appeared to be so unsure about him and her together as a couple.

"Is there something you wanna tell me?" she asked.

He explained that he ran into Quinn as he was getting ready to leave the wedding. Brooke suggested that they let Quinn and Eric be. Before leaving, Brooke encouraged him to have a positive outlook.

Quinn warns Ridge about Ivy

Quinn called Ridge and warned him about Ivy. She told him that she saw them kiss and that she wanted to tell Eric. When Ridge spotted Ivy outside the office talking to Brooke, he calls her in, but Ivy passively challenges him. Sensing the tension between them, Brooke wondered what was going on.

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