After weeks of silence about their rumored breakup, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton have both issued statements about their relationship status. Although ABC stated in a press release that the couple would appear on the "Bachelor Countdown to Nick" special last Sunday, the "Bachelor in Paradise" stars did not address their split during the show.

Instead, they issued separate statements to Us Weekly this week, and Josh admits that the whole situation has been "emotionally draining." Not only did they part ways last month, Josh's beloved dog, Sabel, died shortly after he returned home to Atlanta.

Days later, he revealed on Twitter that his uncle died, so it was a stressful end to what should have been an extremely happy year for the couple.

Why did Josh and Amanda break up?

The couple stayed civil with their breakup statements, so it's hard to say what really went down between the reality stars. But it's safe to say that getting engaged and moving in together after spending only three weeks together filming "Bachelor in Paradise" may have contributed to their split.

Josh tells Us Weekly that "it's been a tough couple of weeks" for him and "it sucks" that his relationship with Amanda didn't work out. He's especially sad over the split because he fell in love with her two daughters, Kinsley and Charlie.

"It just wasn't working out and it sucks," Josh states. "I moved across the country for her, I fell in love with her kids, really loved her family, but we just weren't able to grow together as a couple and it was very frustrating."

It appears that it all comes down to Josh and Amanda not knowing each other all that well, and that's understandable considering they barely knew each other when they got engaged.

Josh reveals that they wanted "similar things" in life, but differed on other things that he thought were important.

No hard feelings

Josh hopes fans will give the former couple some respect going forward and "pray" for their happiness. He says that he will always love Amanda and her girls, and they will always have a special place in his heart.