Marilyn Manson is sporting a new look, and it's startlingly normal. Not surprisingly, the rock icon is against President Donald Trump. But the singer (born Brian Warner) does have more shocks under his leather and chains, too, including major sex appeal, weight loss, and an unexpected homophobic side. What's behind all these changes for the Pale Emperor?

Marilyn Manson looks normal

The shock rocker is one of the most censored, loved, hated, and feared celebrities in America. He is worshiped by fans and abhorred by some Christians for his "Antichrist Superstar.

His Satanism terrifies some and angers those who blame him for the Columbine High School massacre. He made a marriage of Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson as their "child." He collects Nazi memorabilia, dresses like a ghoul and sings some very polarizing lyrics. But love or hate Marilyn, the "Mechanical Animals" singer is underneath, a guy. And sans the horror makeup, quite a nice-looking one. You won't recognize him as the kindly flesh-eater in "Salem."

Marilyn Manson is hot in and out of drag

"Sexy" and "Marilyn Manson" may not leap to mind. The 48-year-old celebrity has dissociated himself from the norm. Johnny Depp famously patterned his creepy Willy Wonka on Manson. The new image features less zombie and more burlesque drag queen.

Did years with Dita Von Teese leave an impression? Sex appeal could have to do with his silky, liquid heroine voice. Weight loss has helped, too. Marilyn packed on the pounds over the years, but is looking a lot slimmer now. Maybe he's cut back on the booze and is deciding to get healthy for 50? Regardless, in a recent interview with Graham Norton (hilariously juxtaposed with Nigella Lawson), Manson was pleasant and down-to-earth, except for the gay comments.

Marilyn Manson overcompensates?

It's no secret that Graham Norton is gay, but he doesn't make a meal of it. Manson, however, seemed to go out of his way to rub homosexuality in his host's face -- all while making lewd jokes to boot. They weren't exactly homophobic but they were borderline shaming/sexual harassment. Norton handled it with his usual sangfroid, but it seemed out of character for a guy who sponsors charities to end child sexual abuse. Is he an LGBT basher, sexually ambivalent, or just nervous and awkward?