"Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer has some of her fans worried after she showed off her very thin body via social media. Many fans spoke out about Leah's weight, and while some were harsh, others seemed genuinely concerned. According to OK! Magazine, one fan in particular revealed that Leah looked "very ill," and may be struggling with an "eating disorder." The fan begged Leah to take the steps to get herself healthy for her and her family. Of course, this isn't the first time that fans have pointed out Leah's weight loss. Last year, Messer posted photos of herself in a bikini, and the comments began to roll in about her thin body frame.

'Teen Mom' star Leah Messer fans are worried about her health

One "Teen Mom 2" fan revealed that she believes Leah Messer's body and personality has changed since she began her journey on the MTV reality TV series. "You seem to have lost so much weight and look so stressed. And you act so much different too. You were my favorite for a long time. I'm so sad that your life has fallen apart. We all go [through] tough times sometimes. Please take care of yourself! Get yourself healthy mentally and physically please. I can't wait for the day you feel and look like your old self again." As many viewers know, Leah has had a rough few years. She and her first husband, Corey Simms, divorced, and although she met and married Jeremy Calvert, the two couldn't make their relationship work and eventually got divorced shortly after Messer checked herself into rehab.

The cast is often criticized by viewers of the show.

While Leah Messer has seemingly come a long way over the past two years, fans seem to worry about the single mother of three girls. It seems that Leah is easily overwhelmed, and many viewers criticize the "Teen Mom 2" star and her co-stars for their parenting choices. It seems the moms have become accustom to this fact, and often let the criticism roll of their backs. Hopefully, if Leah does need medical help she gets it sooner rather than later.