"switched at birth" just recently came back for the final season and now the viewers really want to know what will happen. On the first week, Bay revealed that she is with Travis, but then it really does look like she might end up with emmett instead. TV Guide shared a few spoilers about what could end up happening for Bay before "Switched at Birth" finally comes to an end.

Who could Bay end up with?

Creator Lizzy Weiss is sharing a few details about what could end up happening. Emmett has now admitted that he never should have dumped Bay in the first place.

Lizzy shared that this has all made Travis really insecure. It will cause problems between them for sure. Bay and Travis are not going to have an easy road if they end up staying together.

Right now, Bay is going to keep it a secret that Emmett is still into her. Travis will wonder what is going on, but she won't be telling him. The fact that she told him she doesn't want to live with him is enough to make him wonder what is going on. Being around Emmett again is going to make it hard on everyone.

There are only nine episodes left that will air on "Switched at Birth" until the series finale. This show will be coming to an end and then everyone will see who Bay ends up with in the end. She will finally have to pick one guy or the other.

Emmett is single once again and Travis is head over heels in love with Bay. It has been confirmed that she will make a decision one way or another, though.

Fans know that Emmett and Bay seem to belong together, but there could just be too much that has happened over the years. It is very possible that they will end up never getting it together and finding a way to be together.

Only time will tell, but Bay is going to make a decision before the show comes to an end, which is what fans want to happen no matter which way she ends up going with her choice.

Who do you want to see Bay on "Switched at Brith" end up with in the end? Do you think she will end up single instead? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Switched at Birth" on Tuesdays on Freeform.