"Suits" actress Meghan Markle returned home to Toronto earlier this month after spending almost two months on holiday with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace. Since she has returned home, Meghan is missing Prince Harry. The beautiful 35-year-old actress has found a way not to miss her 32-year-old boyfriend as much.

Spending time in gym

Since Markle returned home, she had not been seen very much. She was recently spotted leaving the gym with her friend and Canadian stylist Jessica Mulroney. They were seen going to the gym on another occasion last Saturday where they stayed for an hour and a half.

According to E! News, Markle looked much happier after she left the gym than she did when she went in.

Meghan is not filming "Suits" now. That gives her plenty of time to reminisce about her long stay with Prince Harry. While she was with him, she said she enjoyed every minute of it. She cooked for him, and they spent a lot of time enjoying themselves at home. They were seen together a few times in London when they went out to dinner and to a movie. At the beginning of the year, Prince Harry took her on a long vacation since they did not see each other during the Christmas holiday.

Prince Harry's family

Since Meghan has spent so much time in England, she has met some members of Harry's immediate family, including his father, Prince Charles, his brother, Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children.

The actress has not met Queen Elizabeth yet, but it has been said Harry's grandmother approves of Meghan because of her humanitarian efforts.

Future for Megan and Harry

No one knows what the future will be like for the pair. What the public knows is that if they do plan to get married, Queen Elizabeth has to approve the union.

According to the United Kingdom's Royal Marriages Act of 1772, Prince Harry can't get married without his grandmother's permission. The law states that she has to give permission for marriages to take place for the first six people in line for the throne. That includes Prince Harry who is fifth in line behind his father, his brother, his nephew and his niece.