There are always a few rumors flying here and there about if Sandra Oh will return to "Grey's Anatomy." The fans would love to see Christina Yang back again, but so far it hasn't happened. Now Sandra Oh is finally sharing if she would return to the show again or not. This can finally bring an end to some of the random speculation that goes on about if she is coming back or not.

Sandra Oh appeared on "Access Hollywood Live."

She played the role of Christina Yang for ten seasons, and nobody else could play that role. Christina moved on, even though they still talk about her on the show.

Now Sandra Oh was asked if she would come back again and she replied saying, "At this point… No, I don’t think so." It really doesn't look like she will be back again and a lot of fans are not happy to hear this news.

Sandra Oh did go on to explain that she had talked to Shonda Rhimes about if she would come back or not. She shared saying, "I just don’t know. It would have to feel right.” Everyone knows that Shonda Rhimes could write a good enough story line to probably convince her to come back, but it is all about if she ever decides to try and do that or not. There are always characters that come back now and then, but "Grey's Anatomy" has killed off most of the fan favorites instead of just letting them move on like Sandra Oh's character did.

Nina Dobrev left "The Vampire Diaries," but now that the show is coming to an end they were able to convince her to come back once again for the finale. This could end up being the same type of thing that they do with Sandra Oh at some point. Right now, it doesn't look like "Grey's Anatomy" is going anywhere, though. This show still has a huge fanbase after all these years.

It would be shocking if news came out that it was going to not be returning.

Are you shocked to hear that Sandra Oh doesn't have plans to return again? Do you think that they will convince her to do it before the show ends? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" when they air on Thursday nights on ABC.