LuAnn's marriage in trouble already?

luann de lesseps’ new marriage isn’t off to a great start. Following their New Year’s Eve wedding, leaked audio reveals that the "Real Housewives of New York" star had serious doubts about tying the knot with Tom D’Agostino. Radar Online reports that De Lesseps told a friend about her doubts only days before the ceremony in Palm Beach. De Lesseps didn’t know it at the time, but her comments were recorded. “Like every bride, LuAnn was having doubts just before her wedding,” an inside source revealed.

“What made things worse was that she had caught her husband-to-be cheating.”

The cheating scandal that will not go away

De Lesseps had good reason to be concerned about exchanging vows. Last season, "RHONY" star Bethenny Frankel revealed that D’Agostino was seen kissing a girl at the Regency Hotel in New York on the night before their engagement. While D’Agostino later apologized for the incident, De Lesseps is worried about his commitment. “LuAnn was worried that it would happen again and called her friend to get advice,” the insider added. Of course, De Lesseps still walked down the aisle and married D’Agostino. Unfortunately, her secret conversation somehow got into the hands of a "RHONY" co-star.

Will it be addressed in the upcoming season?

Carole Radziwill has it all on tape

“Somehow that private conversation made it into the hands of cast member carole radziwill!” the source revealed. “Carole has never been a great girlfriend to the Countess and was searching for a storyline for next season of the show. Let’s just say that Carole didn’t keep the news secret.” LuAnn De Lesseps has yet to respond to the rumors about her marriage with D’Agostino.

LuAnn leaves royalty behind

In the meantime, Bravo TV reports that De Lesseps is already enjoying the married life. In fact, the reality star just changed her last name on social media to D’Agostino and is more than happy to go by the new moniker. “I'm gonna be busy being Queen D'Agostino,” De Lesseps shared. “That's what I'm gonna be.

The Queen Bee.”

Kidding aside, De Lesseps has been waiting a long time to leave her royal title behind. “I've been carrying around that title for a long time. I have no problem with losing it,” she admitted last year. “So, Tom says to me, 'You're going to marry a commoner, how do you feel about that?' I go, 'Honey I will marry a commoner any day.' There's nothing common about Tom and I found my match, which is so rare. I'm lucky I found it the first time, never mind a second time.”