As Hugh jackman embarked on his last hurrah as Wolverine, he first began by asking the fans what they wanted to see. Many liked the idea of Jackman visiting the alternate universe “Old Man Logan” comic series and that is what this movie is loosely based on. One thing that many people noticed is that this film has an R rating which means that we may possibly see what Wolverine was always meant to be. In the other X-Men films, Wolverine was always made a lot softer and less gritty to appease to younger audience who love superheroes just as much as loyal comic book readers.

Directed by James Mangold, this film may tackle certain subject matter that I am excited to see on screen.

An old Wolverine gives Hugh Jackman room to grow

For anyone who is not aware, Jackman has been playing Wolverine for close to twenty years. The irony of this is that Wolverine is said to never get old because his body can regenerate its cells. However in this alternate universe, Wolverine is old and tired. He seems down and like many of us, life has taken him down several unfortunate baths. As an actor, I’m sure that Jackman was licking his chops when given this type of material. In many ways, part of Wolverines popularity results in the fact that he is a very fallible hero. He is not like other superheroes in that his moral compass is not set in stone and at any moment he can turn on you.

From the looks of it, this movie seems like it is going in the direction of what Christopher Nolan did in the Batman movies. Those movies were serious dramas that had very limited if any humor. In this alternate universe, the characters of devoid of hope and from that the conflict occurs. Also from the previews, it seems as though the stakes are not as high as they normally are in these types of movies which adds another degree of realism to the plot.

The success of “Deadpool” allowed a movie like this to happen

All fans of Wolverine have Ryan Reynolds to thank for the fact that this movie is R rated. Something that many of movie studios feared by making a movie like “Deadpool” was whether they would lose younger fans, who are the core demographic for these types of movies.

With the release and amazing success of Reynolds’ film, it showed that a superhero movie can be a little risqué and still make money. In “Deadpool” the superhero was allowed to live authentically as themselves instead of having to be edited by an uptight studio. In this film, I expect the violence to be at an all-time high. Wolverine has metal claws that come out of his hands, of course that means that when he cuts someone they might get impaled. Though not suitable for children, this film is one that I think will be a great wrap up to almost twenty years of Wolverine. In while some people may not like the idea of an alternate universe film that does not in any way tie into the other previous movies, from the reviews that I have read, it does not seem to matter.