The “puppy bowl” is in its thirteenth year, organized by animal planet. The program airs on the same day as the super bowl and mimics a typical football game inside of a model stadium. All the puppy players, both known as the “wide retrievers” and the “line barkers” are shelter animals in need of forever homes. As with all football games, the action-packed “Puppy Bowl” presents a commentary throughout each play that features rivals Team Fluff and Team Ruff. The show captures the hearts of millions each year and is a way to seek homes for these adorable players.

This year, Animal Planet went one step further to feature some pups with special needs and a whole lot of personality.

'Puppy Bowl' presents three pups with special needs and lots of cuteness

Although Animal Planet has hosted this unique form of super bowl fun since 2005, this is the first year some really special puppies are also playing for the MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) trophy. Among the players are Lucky, Doobert and Winston. Lucky is a spirited three-legged terrier mix puppy, Winston is an Australian shepherd that is both hearing and vision-impaired, and Doobert is a deaf English pointer. The good news is that these three special canines are already spoken for.

Happy-go-lucky Doobert previously had an owner who was not equipped and prepared to take care of a hearing-impaired dog.

He went to an organization in Virginia that specializes in blind and deaf dogs. Doobert is now happy to be with a family that is eager to love him, along with four other canine siblings. He gets to show off all his cuteness with other players at the “Puppy Bowl.” Winston was also adopted by an owner who describes him as the “friendliest, sweetest dog on the planet.” Lucky was found under a porch, along with several others who were rescued.

All the dogs stayed with a foster mom, but when her leg needed to be amputated, her “foster mom” decided to adopt her and love her. After healing, Lucky was renamed Lacy who loves her new home.

'Puppy Bowl' presents a great half-time show

Although 78 puppies from 34 various animal shelters and rescue groups are featured on the playing field, the show does not go on without a half-time performance.

The halftime show in “Puppy Bowl XIII” includes a presentation by “Kitty Gaga” performing to the song “Puparazzi.” For a whole lot of fun and overload of cuteness, tune in for this special super bowl show.