Priscilla Presley is reportedly dating a new man, singer Tom Jones. The ex-wife of the late King of Rock and Roll was recently spotted with Tom Jones -- arriving together for dinner at Hollywood's Craig's eatery in late January, sparking dating rumors.

Is Tom Jones ready to move on with Priscilla Presley?

According to the Inquistr, Jones, who lost his wife of 59-years, Linda, to cancer last April, was said to have been wearing none other than blue suede shoes while on their date. Coincidence? Not likely, but a nod to the late King. Reports reveal that tom and priscilla's newfound relationship is not as new as some may think.

In fact, the two have known each other for years. The rumored romantic relationship, however, is in the early stages, but the two appear to be enjoying each other's company.

Would Elvis approve?

Jones, 76, has had a really tough year since losing his beloved wife, while Presley, 71, appears to have a real thing for singers. Oddly enough, Tom and Elvis were very close pals up until Elvis' untimely death on August 16, 1977. Jones, best known for his hits "It's Not Unusual," and "What's New Pussycat?," met Elvis in 1965 in Hollywood's Paramount Studios via request by Elvis. Jones, a longtime fan of Elvis,' recalls being very excited to meet the singing legend. Tom also recalls how Priscilla approved of his friendship with Elvis, revealing how happy it made the King:

"Priscilla told me when Elvis and I were together he seemed to be a different person, much happier in himself."

Crazy enough, decades later, Priscilla and Tom Jones have found their way to each other and are now finding comfort and companionship together.

Jones reveals, "We have been friends for a long time. She's a lovely lady. We do enjoy our nights out together."

However, according to Jones' rep, the relationship is not what people are making it out to be, as the two are not dating, merely friends.

"Priscilla Presley and Tom have known each other for many, many years." his spokesman said via ITV press office, according to People."They are part of a wider social group that occasionally meet up for an evening out.

There is no more to the story than that."

No story for now, but, who's to say what the future may hold for Tom and Priscilla? After all, wouldn't Elvis and the late Mrs. Jones approve of their loved ones finding happiness together at this stage in their lives? What are your thoughts?