The results of the 2017 Golden Raspberry Awards, also known as the Razzies, has come out. The two films that dominated the award list areHillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Partyand “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which had both earned four awards each.

Controversy over political pandering

The annual satirical awards show attempts to award films for being the worst of the worst, parodying traditional award shows. This is the 37th year the award show took place.

Hillary's America” had won the awards for Worst Picture, Worst Actress, Worst Actor, and Worst Director.

Director Dinesh D'Souza himself, who had personally won the awards for actor and director, had appeared within an announcement video for the award show, claiming that it would ultimately be good publicity, and claimed that this action was politically motivated in nature, rather than reflecting on the film itself.

That said, the inclusion of the film has been criticized by commenters as being too political in nature, defeating the purpose of a satirical award show. Likewise, some have come out to criticize putting a documentary film against the same standards of Hollywood blockbusters.

Two awards had nothing to do with either film

Meanwhile, “Batman v Superman” won for Worst Screen Combo (over Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck), Worst Supporting Actor (for Jesse Eisenberg), Worst Screenplay, and Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel, by virtue of the film being both an adaptation of DC comic-book characters and a sequel to “Man of Steel.”

The two awards that were not associated with either film were Worst Supporting Actress, of whom Kristen Wiig won for her role in “Zoolander No.

2,” although the promotional video revealing the voters normally thought of her as a talented actress, and the Razzie Redeemer award, the only award not intended to be an insult, that went to Mel Gibson for "Hacksaw Ridge." Gibson had previously been a nominee for the 2014 Razzie award for Worst Supporting Actor.

The viral video listing the winners can be watched below.