Martin Scorsese’s movie "The Irishman" has been bought and will be shown all over the world. The movie is based on the real story of Frank Sheeran, he's a Teamster authoritative with connections to an Italian crime family. Frank disclosed killing Hoffa before he died. The Oscar-winning writer Steven Zaillian did the screenplay several years ago, and Martin directs some of Hollywood's best Oscar nominated actors. But the budget has increased considerably due the necessary special effects. Also, STX Entertainment is taking into account the lawful process facing the producer.

The company purchased international distribution rights at Cannes for millions, but now their partnership is questionable with Pavlovich trying to make a universal deal.

The movie will reunite Scorsese with his favorite actors

Robert De Niro will be Frank Sheeran in the movie. Scorsese helped start his career in the seventies and later worked with him in the big classic "Raging Bull." Oscar winner Al Pacino will play the role of Jimmy Hoffa; he has been in Hollywood for decades,but has never worked in a Scorsese film. For the role of Italian-born crime captain Russell Bufalino, Scorsese picked Oscar winner Joe Pesci, who worked with him in the film "Goodfellas." Also for the role of Italian crime boss will be Oscar-nominated actor Harvey Keitel, who's been cast as Bruno in the movie; this will be Keitel’s fourth movie working with Martin Scorsese.

The American entertainment company stepped in after Paramount Pictures walked away

The movie was in the middle of production, and it was having massive problems with the cost. Gaston Pavlovich went ahead and made a deal with the American entertainment company, and the rights weren't his to sell. The investment will grant the American entertainment company the right to distribute the movie to millions of viewers all over the world. If the contract doesn’t go through, then "The Irishman" is still going to need an American distributor, it will have to be an investor that can pay for the enormous budget the movie needs.