On Wednesday night, the campus of uc berkeley turned into a riot as liberal protesters demanded that the speaking event of Breitbart News editor milo yiannopoulos be shutdown. In the aftermath, conservative media and even select liberals are speaking out, though some have not been able to compose themselves in their outrage.

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Milo Yiannopoulos is an editor of Breitbart News, but has made a name for himself by highlighting his controversial, yet charismatic style and brand of conservatism, while also being a strong supporter of Donald Trump.

Critics have labeled Yiannopoulos has a "white supremacist," "misogynist," and a leader of the so-called "Alt-Right," all labels that he himself dismisses. During the last stop in his college campus tour, known as the "Dangerous fa**ot" tour," Yiannopoulos was set to speak on the campus of UC Berkeley, but was quickly escorted out the area when protesters turned into rioter. The crowd clashed with police, and physically assault supporters of Yiannopoulos, which was all caught on video. In response, fellow right-wing social media star, Tomi Lahren, decided to give her opinion during the February 2 edition of "Final Thoughts" on the Blaze TV.

"I don't care what your leftists college professors tell you, it's not OK, nor is it protected expression to attack people or set fire because someone else's free speech offends you," Tomi Lahren said.

"It's true that the unloving and intolerant left will stop at nothing, literally nothing, to ensure conservatives don't have a voice on college campuses," Lahren continued, before playing a video clip of the liberal protesters and rioters breaking through police barriers and attacking supporters of Milo Yiannopoulos.

"It turns out that if you disagree with the left, they will burn down their own campuses, including trees that they claim to love," Tomi Lahren pointed out, while also showing another group of protesters violently attacking supporters of the Breitbart editor.

"What those animals, and yes I said animals, did last night, proves my point and proves Milo's point," she added. In conclusion, Lahren noted, "I stand with Milo, not because I agree with everything he says, but because I agree with his right to say it."

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As tension between the political left and the right continue in the aftermath of the Donald Trump election, it appears that it will only get worse before it gets better. With Republicans in control of the White House and Congress, only time will tell how the Democratic Party and the left regroup and move forward.