The appearance of the 80 Pokemon of the second generation of “Pokémon Go” has renewed the interest of players as far as taking to the streets to capture creatures, as well as establishing fights in the gyms. Some of them have changed the Kanto gym guardian Pokemon to one of Johto. In recent days, users of “Pokémon GO” have noticed that many gym trainers place as a Pokemon leader Blissey, the evolution of Chansey, belonging to the second generation. This creature has the quality of having very good statistics, which help with defeating enemies.

What makes Blissey so popular?

According to the IGN portal, the reason why Blissey has become one of the favorites for gyms is because it can develop a total of 3219 combat points (PC) and a health of 510, literally a tank that can absorb damage without problems.

The Valentine's Day event

The Valentine's Day event made by “Pokémon GO” a few days ago favored the capture of Chansey and the making of sweets. Thanks to it, it has been nothing complicated to put together the 50 sweets that are needed to have Blissey.

Additional information

To defeat this creature, it is necessary to use a fighting type Pokemon like Machoke, Machamp, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop and Primeape. With the physical attacks of these Pokémon, Blissey will weaken faster, unlike if one were to use another type of pocket monster.

Using the kick or disarm moves and techniques will make it easier to defeat Chansey's evolution.

It is good say that there is a new rumor emerging fast in the social network, it is about a new surprise from Niantic to the users of “Pokemon GO." According to the filtered information, Niantic is planning a new migratory event like the Lapras one.

Ultimately, these new updates to the application on behalf of Niantic continue to enhance the overall gameplay experience for users across the globe. One has to wonder just what they will release next.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.