Valentine’s Day has brought many changes and new interesting updates to “Pokemon Go”, as just yesterday brought interesting data about new and future updates on this exciting application that will come to the game in the coming days. However, Niantic has again surprised users with a new update, which brings new changes, as well as new creatures of the second generation. In addition, the update patch includes two new types of berries and new evolutionary mechanics. Next, we share with you new information revealed by Niantic about the new second generation creatures added to the game a few minutes ago by Niantic, and will be available to users of “Pokemon Go” in the next few hours, according to the information revealed By Niantic.

The new Pokemon of the second generation

After an advance in the form of Baby Pokémon, the second generation finally comes to “Pokémon GO”, the mobile game of Niantic that allows us to capture these creatures in the real world. The new update of the game incorporates 80 new creatures originally born in Pokémon Gold and Silver. Among the new additions, which will appear in the wild, will include Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil, the initial Pokémon of that second generation. In addition to the new creatures, the new patch, probably the most important to date, also adds new game mechanics, with a new experience in encounters and new objects to evolve their Pokémon to those originally discovered in the Johto region.

More new surprises arrive to the game

As for the objects, they will debut two new berries, which add to the Frambu berry that made it easier for the Pokémon to end up in our Pokéball in the next attempt. On this occasion, the Pinia berry will double the amount of candy received if the Pokémon is captured in the subsequent attempt and the Latin Baya slows the movements of a Pokémon, reducing its evasion.

Additional information

Aware of the importance of this update to revitalize Pokémon Go in 2017, John Hanke, director and founder of Niantic has stated: "Today is a very important occasion for “Pokémon GO”, because we welcome more Pokémon and further develop the mechanics of encounters and captures for the passionate international community of Coaches who play this game. “Pokémon GO” is a life experience that we will continue to develop and evolve in new and interesting ways for many more years. "