Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy named their little boy Shai Aleksander. This is a really unique name, and now Peta is speaking out about why they chose this name for their son. This is the first child for both Maks and Peta of "Dancing With the Stars."

Peta reveals the meaning behind this name

Peta Murgatroyd went to her blog All Things Fam & Glam to share why they picked this name for their son. They actually had some issues picking out the perfect name. It wasn't easy for them at all. One thing that Peta didn't want to forget about was that her son would have this name when he was an adult.

She shared the details saying, "It took months and months to find a name that both Maks and I loved and kind of embodied what he means to us. We knew that we wanted a shorter name that wasn’t super complicated because ‘Chmerkovskiy' is kind of a mouthful and he’ll always have to spell it out for people." This makes Shai the perfect name for their son.

The name they chose is Shai, and it is said just like "shy." This name actually means the word "gift" in Hebrew. They feel like their son is an amazing gift from God, so they were able to find him a great name that was short like they wanted, but also has amazing meaning.

His middle name is Aleksander, and they thought about this a lot as well.

Maks doesn't even have a middle name, so they wanted their son to have one. This name is a tribute to Maks dad, even though they did spell it a bit different. This was the perfect middle name for Maks and Peta to give their son. They didn't show off their son for a bit, but now Maks and Peta are sharing him with the world.

What do you think of the name that that Peta and Maks chose for their little boy?

Do you think this is the perfect name? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Dancing With the Stars" when it returns to ABC in March. So far, there is no word on if Maks and Peta will be back on the dance floor next season. Everyone would love to see them, but you never know.