Following the election of President Donald Trump, millions of Americans have since taken to the streets to protest the new commander in chief. On President's Day, the demonstrations against Trump continued, much to the chagrin of Tomi Lahren.

Tomi gets triggered

The 2016 presidential election will go down as the most controversial in recent history, which only further widened the divide between the American people. While the candidacy of Donald Trump was first viewed as nothing more than a sideshow act and joke, it quickly became serious as the former host of "The Apprentice" became the Republican nominee and later the president after his upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Since Inauguration Day, the opposition to Trump has only increased, which was evident on President's Day when protesters organized a nationwide event against the commander in chief. In response, conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren decided to speak-out during her February 20 edition of "Final Thoughts."

Opening up her "Final Thoughts" segment on the Blaze TV, right-wing social media star Tomi Lahren took aim at the aforementioned "Not My President's Day" protests. "It's President's Day and the snowflakes are ticked off again," Lahren said, before rhetorically asking and answering, "Why? It's President's Day and of course 'Not their President' is in office." "So what do they do? Take to the streets of course," Lahren noted, before showing various clips from the protests.

After mocking the protesters for possibly not having a job, Tomi Lahren continued her jab at the anti-Trump event. "If these folks spent half, or even a quarter of as much time doing something productive, they might not be complaining about income inequality, student loans, or how unfair life is," she went on to say.

Tomi closes

At this point, Tomi Lahren singled out one protester who brought a sign to the event, which listed her political grievances against Donald Trump and his administration. Included on the sign was her opposition to drug testing food stamp recipients, and the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In conclusion, Tomi Lahren closed with a strong message for liberals and those who oppose Donald Trump. "The silent majority elected President Trump and we happen to like secure borders, energy independence, American infrastructure, and response-a-damn-bility" she said, before adding, "Get used to it."