Paul Mccartney and Ringo Starr are still getting by with a little help from their friends. Beatles fans everywhere were delighted to see that the two former bandmates reunited to make #music together. Over this past weekend, Starr revealed that his old friend was working with him in his studio and we couldn't have been more delighted to see them come together, right now.

McCartney and Starr reunion in LA

Before the famed drummer posted on social media what he did over the weekend, news sites like TMZ were already reporting that the only living Beatles members were dining together in Santa Monica last Wednesday with Tom Hanks and former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl.

We should have known it wasn't just a social visit!

Starr also posted another photo on his social media with Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, who also is his brother-in-law. His caption read, "And look out Joe W. came out to play what a day I'm having peace and love." We can only assume that Walsh will also be in the new album.

Ringo has a new album coming

Last June, the 76-year-old announced that he is working on a new album with his All-Star band and it will be released later this year! This will be his first album since 2015's Postcards From Paradise and it is a project that was actually started 25 years ago.

This new album, which still doesn't have a name or release date, will be Ringo's 19th studio album since The Beatles broke up in 1970.

Despite the fact that he has been rocking for the last 60 years, he shows no signs of retiring and neither is McCartney! Clearly, age doesn't matter to them in this modern age of music!

Are the Beatles back together?

The last time McCartney and Ringo made music together was back in 2010 for the latter's album, Y Not.

The bass player played his instrument for the song Peace Dream, which, by the way, mentions John Lennon, and he sang the vocals with Ringo for Walk With You.

Every time we see the duo together, it gives us hope that they can get back to where they once belonged. Yet, it has been 47 years since our favorite 60's band ended and we are missing the other half. For now, we just need to let it be and be happy anytime they collaborate with each other!