Hey, "Walking Dead" peeps. Welcome back from the long midseason break. We were able to hunt down a couple of new spoiler scoops for the upcoming episode 10 of the current season 7, and they sound quite interesting as Rick and company go searching for an Alexandrian that has come up missing and stumble upon another group of people that have a setup that they have never seen before, and more.

Someone's lost

It turns out that they decided to go with the title: "New Best Friends" for this one. According to AMC's short and usual vague description, we're going to see another heavy, intense search go down for another Alexandrian that has gone missing.

Rick and company will be the ones conducting the search. Unfortunately, they didn't mention which person has gone missing, so that will remain a mystery for now. It looks like we're just going to have to wait for the episode to air to find that out. Also, we'd like to know if this person is important? Will Rick and them ever find the person? Those are some questions for this situation.

A new find

Next, we learn that upon their travels, the crew is going to stumble upon, what they're calling: a mysterious collective. They also didn't elaborate on who these new people will be, so it'll definitely be interesting to find out. But yeah. For right now, they will certainly remain a mysterious collective.

Some unique stuff

In this final teaser, they did tell us something about these mysterious people's land or inhabitants as they call it. It turns out that it's going to possess features that they have never come across yet, which sounds extremely intriguing. So, I guess the major questions for this situation, is what in the hell do they have that's so great and unique?

Will Rick and the crew make friends with these new people? If the title of this episode is any indication of that, it's quite possible that they do become friends with them, at least, for now. One thing that we can totally be sure of about this episode, is that we're definitely going to see some very interesting stuff take place.

Alright, well that's all that we have for right now. However, we are definitely expecting to see some new spoiler clips to get released for episode 10 right after episode 9 airs tonight, so you'll definitely want to be on the lookout for those as they should give us some new intel on what's about to happen next. We can confirm that episode 10 is set to air next Sunday night, February 19th,2017 at 8pm central time on AMC. Stay tuned.