These days, and in just one short week, comedic actress Melissa McCarthy has come to own “SNL,” Sean Spicer, and our living room television sets. News anchors can’t report on her performance without first cracking up, and viewers can’t stop laughing with co-workers immediately after punching the clock on Monday mornings. But how did the late-night show strike such huge comedy gold, Americans wonder? Well, the idea came directly from the brain of new head writer Kent Sublette. After he approached McCarthy with the idea, she was immediately all in.

Last Saturday, when she walked up to the podium as Sean Spicer, wearing an ill-fitting suit and began to speak, the audience lost it. Cast member Mikey Day, who has worked with the actress before doing sketch comedy at The Groundlings theater, said he was honored to be the journalist on the receiving end of her podium assault last week.

Two back-to-back Saturday surprises in one month

It’s probably safe to say no one expected Melissa McCarthy to grace the set of “Saturday Night Live” with her presence so soon after her debut last week as Spicer, and in the cold opening no less. Then again, the daily press briefings and constant eye-brow raising news headlines are enough to keep the former “Mike and Molly” star busy.

This time, as “Spicey,” the actress came back with more visual aids. A blonde-haired doll and a “Moana” doll were used to represent who could and could not pass the travel ban. She also took the time to plug an Ivanka bracelet and pair of shoes since there had been a “light terrorist” act committed by Nordstrom’s department store this week.

Oh, and Spicey hilariously used the podium again. This time, on wheels.

Can a press secretary catch a break?

Some clever person discovered that Sean Spicer still has a Venmo account, the free digital wallet app which allows for sharing money between friends. So now, people do what they do and get creative by requesting money from the White House press secretary.

There were tweets like a request for payment for anxiety meds because his boss is a lunatic. One person asked for a refund for his journalism education because this administration is making it worthless. Another requested money for the non-existent Bowling Green Massacre. One writer placed pennies into the account after writing a blistering tweet, which included warning Spicer that he will eventually end up on the wrong side of history, and ended it with stating that that was his two cents worth.