Hey, "Vampire Diaries" fans. We've got a nice spoiler clip treat (below) for you guys, because this one shows us a lot of new stuff that's going to happen in the upcoming episode 13 of season 8! It looks like we're going to finally see the return of Nina Dobrev aka Elena Gilbert. Well, the process will, at least, start in this one. We might see it come to fruition in either this one or episode 14. Who knows? We just know she's coming back at some point. It's also revealed that Kai is back, sort of. He's, at least, able to appear, but he's begging to get brought back from Hell.

So, we know he's not all the way there. Oh heck. We'll just let you guys figure it out. We've included the clip (below) for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

Important proposal

The new clip immediately shows us Damon, reacting to Kai, showing back up on the scene out of literally know where! Damon asks him how in the hell are you here? It turns out that this is just Kai communicating with them from Hell, because he tells them if they can find a way to get him out of Hell, he can tell them how to kill Cade! So, wow! Alaric isn't so quick to agree to this as we see him, telling Kai, " I think we can manage without you."

Stefan's in trouble again

Next, we see that human Stefan is experiencing some major problems again as he's seen, collapsing to the ground after, what appears to be, another attack on his life!

From there, Kai definitely says the magic words for Damon to agree, by telling them he can bring back Elena. Damon said, ok, without any hesitation right before Alaric was about to stab whatever Kai is right now. He's definitely some sort of vision, but he's clearly not really there if he's asking them to bring him back.

Wake up sleepy head

Anyways, we see a flurry of scenes after that, which leads us to the big one where Damon is seen, telling Kai that he's going to raise Elena from her slumber right, freaking now! Bonnie is seen, saying : "Oh My God." Then the clip caps off with Kai talking to Elena, saying: "Hi sleepy head. Remember me?" That Kai. He's a funny one. Be sure to check it out, below, and stay tuned.