Hey, "Vampire Diaries" peeps. The wonderful people over at The CW, recently dropped their latest press release spoilers for the upcoming episode 12 of season 8. They sound quite interesting too as we've got Damon working tirelessly trying to rescue Stefan's soul from Cade, but runs into a major snag in the plan. We'll also be seeing Caroline, trying to get through to Stefan before it's too late, and more!

He needs the Maxwell journal

They decided to go the question route with their title for this one, naming it: "What Are You?" Getting into the synopsis, we'll go ahead and start with this whole Damon situation.

The tables have definitely turned with this one as Damon is now trying to save Stefan instead of the other way around. They tell us that he's going to try to strike up a deal with Cade to save Stefan's soul. However, in order to do so, he'll have to retrieve the Maxwell journal.

The problem with that, actually leads us into our next storyline scoop. It turns out that Matt and Alaric are going to ,flat out, refuse to hand over the journal, because it contains the vital key that is necessary to destroying Cade. So, wow. Will Damon be able to eventually get his hands on that journal? Or will Matt and Alaric's resistance be to great? These are the burning questions that pop up for this situation.

Hopefully, we'll see them get answered in this episode, but something tells me this storyline might stretch over a couple more weeks.

Caroline tries to get through

Next, we've got this final reveal for this synopsis. It turns out that we're going to see Caroline be in an absolute desperate state when it comes to saving Stefan.

Apparently, Cade is going to have a plan that's set in motion, and Caroline is going to try extra hard to get through to Stefan before the plan gets fully carried out.

The big questions, here, is will she be able to get through to him before it's too late? Or will the clock just be too damn fast for her? One thing's for sure, this situation should definitely feature some very intense and suspenseful scenes to say the very least.

Some production credits, reveal that we have Darren Genet to thank for directing this installment, and the writing team of Chad Fiveash & James Stoteraux for penning the script.

Alright, that's all that their latest synopsis revealed, but don't forget to look for the new promo clip that should be dropping after episode 11 airs tonight. It's also been confirmed that episode 12 is scheduled to show up next Friday night, February 10th,2017 at 7pm central time. Stay tuned.