Alright, so recently, NBC decided to grace us with a new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming "This Is Us" episode 16 of season 1. It pretty much, totally aligns with their official synopsis, showing us scenes that feature Randall and William, taking their road trip to Memphis. While there, they form a closer bond as Randall finds out more things that he didn't previously know about his father. They also have a real good time together, hitting up a club, and more.

Having fun

In the new clip, we're given footage of Randall, talking about how his father, William, doesn't have a lot of time left to live, and wants to show him where he's from.

Next, we see them, heading back to Memphis, which this episode is aptly titled. From there, we see Randall and William, appearing to have a grand ole time together. At one point, it's revealed that William performed on a stage at club. Then it shows him doing his thing.

Some feel good scenes

Next, we see a couple of different scenes that feature the father and son duo, continuing to bond, giving each other hi-fives and what not. They also have some long conversations in the car. Lastly, the clip reveals that there will be a special after show for it, following its airing. The cast and crew will gather together to discuss it.

Judging from the clip and the official synopsis, it does appear that this whole episode will focus entirely on just the William and Randall characters.

However, I could be wrong since I haven't actually seen the full episode. I'm just saying it definitely looks that way. As previously reported, the official synopsis from NBC, pretty much reads the way this promo clip turned out, telling us that Randall and William will hit Memphis, and that Randall will learn lots of things about his biological father's past.

It looks like it will be an episode that's filled with a lot of emotion and feel-good moments. Be sure to check out the new clip, below. Episode 16 is set to hit the airwaves this Tuesday night, February 21st in the 8pm central time slot on NBC. Stay tuned.