Alright, so we recently got some new,official "Shadowhunters" spoiler stuff from the Freeform folks in their latest episode 7 of season 2 press release. It sounds like we're going to see some very intense stuff go down in this one as we've got a big, heated clash between Luke and Clary that's going down with Cleo in the middle of it! Then at some point, there's mention of Isabelle, deciding to go down a path that's filled with danger, and more!

It's called "How Are Thou Fallen"

They, of course, gave this thing a title, so we'll go over that, first.

They've named it: "How Are Thou Fallen." In their press release, they start things off by telling us, in all caps, that Clary is going to take a leap of faith. From there, they go on to elaborate that she is going to run into a huge problem with Luke ,at some point, as the these two will be at great odds over whether they should trust Cleo or not.

Hardcore conflict going down

Apparently, Cleo is going to show up on the scene at the Jade Wolf, swearing that she had nothing to do with the recent attack. However, Luke is not going to believe a freaking word that she has to say, but Clary will not agree, setting up some major conflict with Luke. They tell us that Clary will see a good opportunity in this to get to Valentine.

The big questions, here, is will Clary be able to convince Luke to believe anything Cleo has to say? And how far will Clary go with this whole thing to try and prove that Cleo is telling the truth? It's definitely going to make for some very interesting and dramatic footage. That's for sure.

Simon gets dating advice

This next scoop, features vampire Simon.

Apparently, he's now trying to date, and is going to actually get some advice from a source that we would least likely to expect he would get it from. They didn't tell us who this mystery person is, so we won't be able to give that away. Will this person's advice work for Simon? Will we finally see him look smooth and suave on a date?

Those are a couple of interesting questions for this situation.

Don't do it Izzy!

Lastly, we've got this final storyline reveal that features the very fine Isabelle. Apparently, she's going to be involved in some dark stuff as they tell us that the latest path she's about to take, is extremely dangerous! Will Isabelle survive this great danger she's about to face? Or will she end up, biting the dust? Hopefully, those questions will get answered in this episode. It's also been confirmed that this new episode 7 is scheduled to air next Monday night, February 13th, 2017 at 7pm central time on Freeform. Stay tuned.