Hey, "Scandal" peeps. We've got some new spoiler scoops to throw your way this week. In this session, we'll be going over the new episode 4 of the current season 6. ABC was kind enough to reveal two storyline scoops for this one, and they sound quite intriguing as some shocking, new details will emerge in reference to when Frankie got shot up. We'll also be seeing Cyrus, continue to try and prove he didn't do anything, and more.

Cyrus goes all out

We've also got a title for this thing. They revealed that they've named it: "The Belt." So, that's pretty short and simple.

In their official description, they went out of their way to highlight ,in all-caps, that Cyrus is going to pull out all the stops in an effort to prove his innocence. After that, they went on to elaborate a little bit on that, telling us that the absolute ultimate challenge is going to get thrown in Cyrus' direction, but he's not going to let that get to him. He's going to absolutely stop at nothing to make sure everyone knows that he didn't freaking do what he's being accused of. Will Cyrus finally be successful in his attempts? Or will everyone continue to think he freaking did it? Those are two burning questions for this situation. Hopefully, we'll see this storyline, yield some answers to these questions in this one.

The team gets shocked

Next, they let us know that Olivia and company are going to be very busy with some really serious-sounding stuff. They tell us that the gladiators are going to stumble upon some new information about the night Frankie got shot, and it's described as being very shocking! What could this new intel be? Unfortunately, they didn't elaborate on that, but it certainly sounds like this part of the storyline, will deliver up some really interesting scenes.

We definitely want to see how they deal with this, whatever it turns out to be.

Alright, that's going to wrap it up for our little episode 14 spoiler session. However, we do expect ABC to deliver a new spoiler/promo clip later on, tonight, after they put episode 13 into the books. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it, because we're betting it will give us some new details.

Additionally, we have confirmation from the press release that you guys can expect to see this 14th installment to air next Thursday night, February 16th, 2017 at 8pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.