Alright guys. It's Monday, so you know what that means, right? It means it's time for the new spoilers for the upcoming "The Bachelor 2017" episode 8, and we've got them right here, thanks to our trusty source, Reality Steve. This one's pretty straight forward. Nick visits all the final four ladies in their hometowns, and Corinne turns out to be the unlucky one. We also see a segment with former Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, towards the end.

Some southern Florida action

In the new episode 8, it's revealed that we'll be seeing Nick, hit up each of the final women's hometowns and only three will stick around after it's all said and done.

The first round of footage is going to take us to Fort Lauderdale,Florida so Nick can visit Corinne Olympios and her family. It was filmed on Saturday, October 29th, 2016. Steve didn't reveal any details of what went on during this date. We just know it happens.

A visit to D-town

After that, we'll see the cameras head on out to D-town Dallas,Texas to go see Rachel Lindsay in her hometown. This action was filmed way back on Sunday, October 30th, 2016. Again, no specific details were provided about what happens on this date. Next, they will show footage of Nick, visiting Raven Gates over in Hoxie,Arkansas. The filming of this, took place back on Tuesday, November 1st,2016. We also come up blank for any intel of what happened here.

Off to Montreal

Then we'll see the final pit stop, take place in Montreal, Canada so Nick can pay Vanessa Grimaldi a visit and meet her folks. This one happened on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016. Yeah, so this stuff must have been kept top secret, because Steve had no details for any of these hometown dates. It looks like we won't get any details until the promo/spoiler clip gets released later on tonight.

Advice from someone very familiar

Now, although Steve didn't have details for the dates, he was able to score some other info. Apparently, Nick's first rejector in his Bachelor history, Andi Dorfman, shows up at right before the final four rose ceremony. This scene takes place at the William Vale Hotel in New York City. She reportedly is there to give him some advice and nothing more.

However, ABC might try to tease it as something more when they put in their promo clips. But Steve made perfectly clear that she's just there to give him advice. Finally, after that interesting piece of intel, Steve revealed that it is, indeed, Corinne that gets the boot at the rose ceremony. So, you can add her to the "Ladies Tell All" episode that will be airing pretty soon. Stay tuned.