After days of being in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, national security adviser Michael Flynn has resigned. Not long after the news broke, social media users on Twitter were quick to give their thoughts, including some top celebrities.

Twitter reacts to Flynn

Just days after Donald Trump won the election last November, one of the first appointments he made was tapping retired Gen. Michael Flynn to fill the role as his National Security Adviser. It didn't take long before critics spoke out, as many Democrats warned against Flynn, accusing the general of "Islamophobia" and hatred towards the Muslim world.

Within days, reports circulated that claimed Flynn illegally spoke to Russian officials and attempted to negotiate a deal to remove sanctions that were recently placed on the Kremlin by former President Barack Obama. As time moved on, it appeared that Flynn's days in the White House were coming to an end, which was confirmed by CNN on Thursday night. As seen across Twitter on February 13, many were pleased with the announcement.

"Flynn is just the tip of the iceberg. Follow him,Carter Page,Manafort,Roger Stone. They all lead to Putin who leads to DT," writer and director Rob Reiner wrote on Twitter Thursday night, while using the hashtag "#Impeachment." Actress and former talk show host Rosie O'Donnell took to her Twitter account to voice her support for Flynn's resignation.

"Pressure stays on ... as we unravel the BLATANT GLARINGLY OBVIOUS criminal behavior on the part of the so called 'POTUS,'" O'Donnell tweeted, before attaching the hashtags "#ImpeachTrump" and "#ERA."

Director Judd Apatow also chimed in, and he didn't hold back his thoughts.

"Flynn got caught because US was spying and has a transcript of his conversation," Apatow pointed out, before rhetorically asking, "What else do they have? Probably everything."

Takei unloads

Actor George Takei expressed his joy with various tweets celebrating the departure of Michael Flynn.

"It's clear the White House is now walking a very Flynn line," Takei humorously tweeted. "Dunno what's worse: Flynn's gall undermining U.S. sanctions, or his stupidity not knowing, after years in Intel, that the phone was tapped," he wrote in a follow-up post.

In his third tweet, George Takei compared the Trump administration to President Obama's time in the White House. "Obama went 8 years without a scandal. Trump? 3 weeks. It's gonna be a long final year for Trump," Takei added.