Retired Gen. Michael Flynn was tapped as the national security advisor just days after Election Day. After growing controversy surrounding him, Flynn has decided to step down.

Flynn steps down

In recent weeks, reports have circulated that claimed Michael Flynn had been in contact with Russian officials prior to being hired as the National Security Advisor. The reports said Flynn has illegally contacted Russian officials, in a possible violation of the Logan Act, and attempted to negotiate a deal to remove sanctions that were put in place by then President Barack Obama.

Obama put the sanctions in place in response to reports that Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin had hacked into the Democratic National Committee in favor of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. As tension increased over the weekend, it appeared it was only a matter of time before Flynn was cut loose. According to CNN on February 13, Flynn has decided to resign.

On Thursday night, CNN cut in with a breaking news story and confirmed that Michael Flynn was out as National Security Advisor. Reporter Gloria Borger spoke with host Don Lemon and confirmed that due to the "flood of information" that had come out about him, Flynn was forced to resign.

Donald Trump reportedly wanted to stick by the retired general, but in the end, there was too much damaging information to keep him by his side. While there is no replacement named, Gen. David Petraeus will be interviewed during the week.

Moving forward

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, controversy has continued to surround him.

After his inauguration, protests quickly sparked around the country, which have only continued as the former host of "The Apprentice" kicks off his fourth week as commander in chief. In addition to Flynn, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer have also come under fire for getting themselves in a variety of compromising situations. While it's not expected that either one will lose their job, Spicer is reportedly on "thin ice" as time goes on.