The DC Comics movie extended universe has gone through a lot of problems the last few years but it looks like the latest danger was averted. A new Batman Movie director has been named and it is Matt Reeves. The movie, which stars Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader, is set to start filming soon.

Matt Reeves to direct 'The Batman'

Originally, Ben Affleck was set to work as the director for "The Batman." However, he stepped down and said that he felt directing the movie and playing the lead role was too much for a movie of this size. Affleck said that he wanted to find a "partner" to work on the movie with and that ended up being Matt Reeves.

However, it almost didn't happen because Reeves exited the contract discussions quickly with Warner Bros. That impasse didn't last long because, just a week later, Matt is back on board and ready to make "The Batman."

Ben Affleck endorses Matt Reeves

The only thing that was mentioned in the press release for the announcement of the Reeves hiring was quotes from the two sides. Warner Bros. president Toby Emmerich said he was excited to have a great genre filmmaker coming on board in Reeves. Matt himself said that he has loved Batman since he was a child and was "honored and excited" to get this chance.

However, one thing that remains very clear is that Ben Affleck was ready to quit. He already stepped down as the director and after Reeves backed out the first time, Affleck said he might not want to play the role after this Batman movie.

It seems strange that, right after making that comment, Warner Bros. found a way to hire their new director.

Matt Reeves and his pedigree

"The Batman" got a great director in the end. Emmerich called him a great "genre" director and that is the truth. His debut movie as a director was the fantastic "Cloverfield," a movie that took first-person monster movies and set the bar so high, few have managed to reach it.

After that, he took on a very difficult task of adapting the American remake of "Let the Right One In." Reeves moved the vampire movie to America in the Reagan-era '80s and made it just different enough to remain a great horror movie in its own rights. Finally, his work on "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" proves Matt Reeves is ready for something as big as "The Batman."