Ever since Donald Trump announced he was running for president, he has made a long list of enemies due to his controversial political views and policy proposals. In recent days, Trump's feud with billionaire NBA owner mark cuban has heated up, which continued during an interview on Fox News.

Cuban on Fox News

Last week, Mark Cuban spoke to a group of business owners and warned them about the Donald Trump administration. Cuban has been outspoken in regards to Trump in the past, and the two have gone back and forth in a war of words for some time. In response, the billionaire real estate mogul lashed out on Twitter, saying Cuban was "not smart enough" to be president.

Cuban then fired back on social media, and elaborated further during a heated exchange with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly during the February 14 edition of "The O'Reilly Factor."

Joining host Bill O'Reilly was Mark Cuban, and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks didn't hold back his criticism of the former host of "The Apprentice." "I don't think he's been able to show any leadership," Cuban said. "I don't think he's taken responsibility for the White House, and I don’t think he's shown them any direction," he continued.

During the interview, Bill O'Reilly pressed Mark Cuban on what actual policy issues he had with what Donald Trump had proposed.

In response, the billionaire co-host of "Shark Tank" criticized Trump over his plan on jobs, claiming he is "shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic," while pushing for him to have a better plan. The two would continue to argue back and forth, as Cuban made it clear he was not a fan of the new commander in chief.

Moving forward

After less than a month in office, Donald Trump has already run into road blocks during his time in the White House. On Thursday night, the president faced the first major scandal of his administration, as National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign after being caught engaging in illegal dialogue with the Russian government. As of press time, Trump has not issued a comment on the situation, and has not yet named a permanent replacement for the role.