Scott Disick (33) was seen kissing a model in Miami, but Kourtney Kardashian does not care because their relationship is over. The reality star and the businessman tried to go back together, but it did not work. They are single now and can do whatever they want. In spite of everything, they get along well for their children and never argue in front of them. Kourtney is not surprised by Scott's behavior and really believes that being separated is the best choice for them. What matters most to the reality star is that their kids lead a happy childhood in Los Angeles.

Who is Scott's new girlfriend?

Scott and his new girlfriend were seen kissing in a pool in Miami and neither seemed to care about the opinion of others, since the businessman is not with Kourtney anymore. Her name is J. Lynne and she works as a model. She is blonde and voluptuous, very different from Kourtney. They met through friends, and they don't seem to be planning to have anything serious in the future, they are just enjoying the present. J. Lynne is becoming famous thanks to this romance, but, she seems adamant in noting that this is not just a publicity stunt to further her career.

The end

Kourtney and Scott are separated, and this time seems to be definitive. Their children Mason (7), Penelope (4), and Reign (2) don't understand the problems of their parents.

The mom of three and the businessman tried to save their relationship for a long time, without getting good results. Maybe they work better as friends than as a couple. Kourtney is succeeding as an entrepeneur and wants to focus on the education of her children. Scott's future career is uncertain, and he still suffers from bouts of alcoholism.

Scott always go on poorly with Kourtney's mom, Kris Jenner (61), who never agreed with their relationship because she never liked him. However, with that said, he was welcomed into the Kardashian fold and has since become part of the family. No matter what the future holds for the pair of them, it's pretty evident that they are simply not meant to be together.