There has been a lot of talk about people who are against Scientology, and Leah Remini hasn't been shy about the fact that she is not a fan. Leah grew up in this religion but has since moved on from it. Now she is speaking out and saying that she agrees with the idea that Tom Cruise could actually end Scientology if he wanted to do it.

Leah agrees with Bill Maher

On Bill Maher's Friday show, he talked about how Tom Cruise could “single-handedly” end Scientology. Leah Remini totally agrees with this idea. Leah spoke out on the show saying, "“I didn’t realize that because we were required to study two-and-a-half hours daily, like, minimum.

We are looking up the words, we are being checked out on the policies of Scientology.” This is when Bill asked if Tom Cruise does this at all.

Leah explained that Tom Cruise's celebrity status holds a lot of weight within Scientology. She feels like he could end this religion if he was to go up against it, but it doesn't look like Tom has any plans to do that at all. Leah even said that the church says Tom is "clearing the planet, is changing the planet."

Tom Cruise actually has great things to say about Scientology and feels like it has helped him a lot. Tom even said that he wouldn't be where he is at today without this religion. Leah says that Tom won't even speak to her because he was taught that her and people like her are "the devil." They were not close while she was in the church either, but they did at least used to run in the same circles and talk to each other from time to time.

Leah told a story once about playing hide and seek at his house.

Leah Remini is doing everything that she can to make people realize what the Church of Scientology is really like in her eyes. She is hopeful that people will see it, but right now the church is still going strong. Leah and several other people have left it and moved on, though.

What do you think of the idea of Tom Cruise being able to end Scientology? Do you think that he could make it all go away? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.