After Milo Yiannopoulos spoke with Bill Maher during "Real Time with Bill Maher," the action heated up during the Overtime segment after the show. When Yiannopoulos joined the panel on Overtime, he clashed with one of the panel guests.

Milo on Overtime

Milo Yiannopoulos has become a household name after his speech at UC Berkeley last month was canceled when protests turned into riots and burned down parts of the school. Yiannopoulos is British journalist who is an editor for Breitbart News, and a hard-line supporter of Donald Trump. Often targeting the far left, Yiannopoulos has made such outrageous remarks that he's been kicked off Twitter, and usually is forced to deal with growing protests at his events.

As seen during the February 17 edition of the Overtime segment on "real time with Bill Maher," the editor of Breitbart News clashed with comedian Larry Wilmore.

During Overtime, host Bill Maher asked Milo Yiannopoulos if he "singled out a transgender student" during a recent campus tour. Yiannopoulos defended his position, saying he was "protecting women and children" from the transgender person. Yiannopoulos went on to hit back hard, claiming that transgender individuals are just "confused about their sexual identity."

Fellow panel guest, comedian Larry Wilmore, was noticeably bothered by Yiannopoulos comments, comparing them to how members of the LGBT community and African-Americans have been treated by society in the past.

The two went back and forth, with Wilmore becoming visibly angry when Milo cited, without evidence, that transgender individuals were more likely to commit sexual assault than straight men or women.

Heating up

"You always invite such awful people on your show," Milo said to Bill Maher, before adding, "you need start inviting higher IQ guests." Larry Wilmore then chimed in and said to Yiannopoulos, "You can go f**k yourself, alright?" Wilmore then pointed to panel guest Malcom Nance, a 35 year U.S.

intelligence expert, and said "he can talk circles around your pathetic, douchey little ass from England." Wilmore didn't stop there, as he defended actress Leslie Jones from comments Yiannopoulos previously made that got him kicked off of Twitter.