Lana Del Rey also known by Elizabeth Woolridge Grant has unveiled her new single song with the name love on February 18, 2017. Expected to be the first song from the upcoming album due to release by the middle of 2017, the Love is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Commenting on the release, Lana revealed that she composed and created the first four albums for herself. However, the Love is exclusively penned for her fans. Produced by Rick Nowels, who is Lana's long-time collaborator, the Love track also includes work from Benny Blanco and Emile Haynie.

Lana also took to Twitter and shared a short clip of her upcoming music video, which is expected to integrate with her new Love track. She posted a message "To begin with... all you need is 'Love,'" followed by the relevant download links as shown below.

Lana's Love track available on iTunes

The first link takes you to the official website of Lana and includes links to access the track. If you select Download button, you will be taken to iTunes page from where you can download the track by paying a nominal amount. The second link directly takes you to the official YouTube page of the new track named Love. You will be able to hear the audio with Lana's picture on the front.

No pressure faced to create the latest track, says Lana Del Rey

Responding to a query posted by, Lana Del Rey disclosed that she was under no pressure from any side to release another album quickly. However, she had few early thoughts about the upcoming album and that has been reflected in the new album.

She added that her label named Interscope is flexible enough to open her records coming out at any time.

Hence, she didn't face any kind of pressure. Lana said that she is just happy with the way things are going since she is able to release new tracks with dedication and passion.

Tight schedule ahead for Lana Del Rey in 2017

The release of the Love track assumes significance since Lana is having a tight schedule in 2017.

She will be performing at the first Lollapalooza Paris along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd in July and Pixies. Moreover, you will be able to see her performance at the Oya Festival in Oslo, Norway in August 2017.

Previously, Lana performed on The Weeknd's Starboy album, where she sang on Stargirl Interlude. She also performed by backing vocals on Party Monster.