Lala Kent is speaking out once again about her love life. She has no intention of owning up to who her rich boyfriend actually is, but she does want to clear the air. When James Kennedy went on "Watch What Happens Live" last Monday, he confirmed she was supposedly dating a movie producer. This had been highly speculated for months and Randall Emmett was the name attached to the rumor. He is a very married man, but he is also connected to the movie Kent found herself landing a role in. Coincidence?

Welcome to the world of NDAs

That's right, Lala Kent did admit she makes people sign NDAs if she plans to party with them or is around them for an extended period of time.

They are for her own protection, and she makes no apologies about them. This makes it seem like Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval lied on "Watch What Happens Live" when they denied having to sign an NDA when they went to Coachella with Kent and her rumored boyfriend. Apparently, they took the contract seriously and aren't about to get sued for revealing information from the event.

While she refuses to name her boyfriend, Lala Kent has repeatedly said that he is not married, and that she did not break up a family. Some of the things that were being spread about Kent and her rumored boyfriend were pretty awful. The cast of "Vanderpump Rules" said and did a lot of things to Lala in the name of finding out the truth, and the girls really ganged up on her.

After having enough, she decided to quit her job at SUR and abandon filming for Season 5.

Is James Kennedy still her friend?

After his appearance on "Watch What Happens Live," the reality television world went nuts. He openly said that she was dating a Hollywood producer, but did not reveal anything further. It appears that the two are still friends, as he openly apologized to her on social media, sharing a photo of the two of them together.

Now that both Kennedy and Kent have been out of SUR for quite some time, there isn't much use in following them around. Lala is content to live her life privately, and Kennedy is spinning tunes at another spot where people gather to have fun.