In Trump’s latest oppression riddled choices, he implements a ban on Muslims. When I first heard this I was confused, what does a ban on Muslims entail? Is it a ban on the stereotypical idea of what a Muslim looks like spread throughout the western world, i.e. someone wearing a hijab or burka? Or is it a ban on people from regions where Islam is predominantly practiced like the Middle East? In a country where we pride ourselves on religious freedom and equality, it was disappointed to know that we are trying to ban anyone of any religion.

What is the Ban?

The ban on Muslims is an executive order from our president that temporarily prevents citizens from 7 predominantly Muslim countries (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) from entering the US for 90 days. The order includes a ban on Syrian refugees, restricting them from entering the US for 120 days. The order also implements a religion test for people trying to enter the US as refugees, and promotes allowing the entrance of Christians and other non-Muslim religious groups.

The order has shaken the US and the world as it completely goes against the fundamentals of what the United States was built on. Our humble beginnings as immigrants, migrating to North America to escape religious persecution, is how we became America.

Many men and women in the 17th century fled from European oppression to freely practice a religion of their choice and consequently created the United States.

The first amendment goes to further enforce the idea of freedoms by clearly stating, that citizens have the right to freely express, practice and do whatever religion they want.

As a secular government, this act of our president not only goes against primitive American culture but it is an act of religious discrimination against people.

What does ‘Muslim’ look like?

As ISIS consumes our newsfeeds, the group has tainted and highly influenced the western world’s idea of Islam and Muslim. We should be educated enough to know that ISIS is an anomaly, and quite frankly not an accurate depiction, of what it means to be Muslim.

Our president’s action is allowing a few bad apples to ruin it for an entire group of people. This ban on Muslims, although it is specific to certain countries, is a threat to Muslims everywhere.

So what does a Muslim look like? Look around because 1.6 billion people around the world practice Islam and identify as Muslim. Actress Yari Shahidis, star of the sitcom ‘Black-ish” took to Instagram to post her reaction to the ban. The popular star is on a television show depicting an African American family but, in addition to being African, is also Iranian. People like Shahidis show the other faces of Muslims that are not widely shown on TV.

What’s Next?

As with any discriminatory action, people are upset.

Protests broke out at the JFK airport at NYC after the ban was announced. People gathered to hold signs against Trumps order and support the entrance of Muslims into our country. Families awaiting the return of loved ones were scared and nervous after many were detained from their flights, seeing if they can enter the US. The ban is just one of the actions Trump has made that has leaned towards dividing the country.