Kanye West plans to launch a Beauty Line, according to TMZ. The rapper has already filed legal papers with the United States Patent and Trademark office to launch a line of cosmetics, perfumes, lotions and makeup. The 39-year-old is naming his beauty line after his mother, Donda, who died in 2007 after having multiple cosmetic surgeries. People are shocked that he would start a cosmetic line to be in competition with Kylie Jenner, his 19-year-old sister-in-law. There is no word on when the Donda cosmetics will launch for the singer.

Kanye's beauty line

Comments have been made that the "Famous" singer should stick to his singing career and his Yeezy fashion line instead of starting another business. This is not the first time he has tried his luck with perfume. In April 2009, he joined Rihanna and Jay Z in launching a line of perfumes with Parlux. West's deal fell through before the company merged with Perfumania in 2012. So, Kanye is trying his hand at the cosmetic business again which includes more than perfume.

Kanye was very close to his mother. When he was hospitalized at the end of last year, doctors concluded that it was partially because of the anniversary of his mother's death. At the time, the musician canceled his St.

Pablo tour to focus on his health. Now that his health is seemingly better, he is making plans to take on another business. Adding his mother's name to the beauty line might be his way of honoring her.

Kylie's cosmetics

According to Wendy Williams, Kylie has nothing to worry about. Since launching her Lip Kits where she sold only lipstick, she has made about $8.7 million.

She added more products to her line in time for Valentine's Day. Besides, Kylie caters to the younger generation. Wendy asked members of her studio audience if they would purchase Kanye's cosmetics, and not many said they would.

Kanye's wife, Kim, once had a makeup line with sisters Khloe and Kourtney. They launched Khroma several years ago which then turned into Kardashian Beauty. So cosmetics, makeup and beauty items seem to run in the family, which includes Kanye.