Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin's divorce is playing out on "Teen Mom 2," and after the series' latest episode, in which Lowry informed her son Isaac (quite bluntly) about their split, the reality star came under fire. Following numerous comments aimed at Lowry in regard to how she handled her young son, Marroquin spoke out about how Isaac is holding up.

During the show, Lowry's 7-year-old son, whose father is her ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera, wanted to know if he could have a "Jurassic Park" bedroom at Marroquin's home. However, Lowry quickly informed the boy that he would likely not have a bedroom at Marroquin's house at all.

In fact, she told Isaac that if he did visit Marroquin's home, he would probably have to stay in Lincoln's bedroom (Lincoln is Lowry and Marroquin's 3-year-old son).

Speaking to Radar Online after the episode, Marroquin confirmed that Isaac is doing a lot better now than he was during the heartbreaking conversation fans saw on the show. The reality star also confirmed that Isaac does have his own room at his house. Meanwhile, the online backlash has continued

Fan slams Kailyn Lowry for failing to comfort her son

“Omg Isaac asking about his room. And she doesn’t even comfort him,” one "Teen Mom 2" viewer tweeted. Meanwhile, a second added, “My heart breaks for Isaac." The second Twitter user also noted that Isaac clearly loves Marroquin and doesn't understand what is happening between him and his mom.

Lowry also came under fire after she refused to let her ex-husband borrow her sons' car seats after he returned from his deployment in Qatar. After Lowry denied the help to Marroquin, he wondered why she was being so difficult, and reminded her that he had just gotten home. Unfortunately, they simply didn't see eye to eye, and in the months since their breakup was confirmed, they don't appear to have made much progress.

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