Jimmy Kimmel is now a member of the exclusive Oscars hosting club. He joins Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres, Hugh Jackman and Steve Martin who were very successful hosts in previous years. This was the first time Kimmel hosted the biggest awards show in Hollywood. So how did he do?

The 49-year-old hosts his own show, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" that is aired right across the street from the Dolby Theater where the 89th Academy Awards ceremony was held. Days before the event, Jimmy said he was nervous, but he did not appear nervous when he stepped onto the stage on Sunday, February 26.

He showed class and humor in front of a packed audience while millions watched on ABC.

Jimmy's routine

Kimmel kept a balance and included a little bit of everything. Justin Timberlake opened the ceremony by singing and dancing to his Oscar nominated song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from the animated feature film "Trolls." Timberlake's song did not win the award. After the song, Justin introduced the host who came on stage and continued to keep the audience engaged.


Since Jimmy is accustomed to doing monologues, he did not disappoint. He touched on a lot of things that are on people's mind. He joked but not in a mean way about politics, nominated movies, and Donald Trump's comment that Meryl Streep is overrated.

Jimmy took his ongoing feud with Matt Damon to a different level. He also included Celebrity Mean Tweets which are popular on his nighttime show.

Snacks falling from the sky

Apparently, Jimmy realized that the Oscars are not only about the people who go on stage and collect a statue, but the ceremony is also about the entire audience.

Therefore, there were several segments that involved audience participation.

Remember when Ellen DeGeneres ordered pizza for the entire audience when she hosted the Oscars? Jimmy arranged for snacks to drop from the sky like little parachutes. This happened twice during the ceremony.

Another good touch was when tourists were surprised after the Hollywood bus dropped them off and they walked into the theater not knowing they were part of the ceremony.

Jimmy introduced them to celebrities who were gracious enough to go along with meeting them.

Jimmy's one mistake

One of the things that the host didn't think about, but others pointed out was that he neglected to change his tuxedo during the entire ceremony. Overall, viewers thought Jimmy did a great job. They would be talking about him more if there had not been a bigger story at the end of the show. "La La Land" was declared the winner for best picture when it was actually "Moonlight" that won the award.