It seems Sunday's star-studded Oscars awards ceremony turned into a comedy of errors. First there was the huge mistake when Faye Dunaway told "La La Land" cast and crew that they had won best picture, when it should, of course, have been "Moonlight."

It was the Russians!

That error turned into quite the joke, as RT News picked up on various tweets, all naturally blaming Putin and Russia for hacking or interfering in the Oscars. They have their hands in everything, right?

But no, it wasn't the Russians. According to the Hollywood Reporter, it was actually the case of a stagehand giving Warren Beatty and Dunaway the wrong envelope.

According to Beatty he had received an envelope containing a card bearing Emma Stone’s name, along with the film name “La La Land.” Beatty realized that that card was to be used to announce Stone’s win for best actress, not the announcement for best film. This is why he hesitated on the stage, handing the card to Dunaway, who regrettably read it as being the main winner. Meanwhile there were several red faces as the “La La Land” group had to leave the stage without their statues, giving way for the cast and crew of “Moonlight.”

Second Oscar error involved an In Memoriam for Janet Patterson

In many ways worse, the second mistake of the evening related to an In Memoriam segment video for the late costume designer, Janet Patterson.

Someone had managed to post the wrong photo in the video and it showed Patterson’s friend, producer Jan Chapman, instead, who is, reportedly, still very much alive. While Australia and its film industry celebrated two Oscars for Mel Gibson’s movie “Hacksaw Ridge,” others were shocked and upset at seeing Australian film producer Chapman pictured instead of her late friend and colleague.

Reportedly Patterson passed away in Sydney in October last year.

Jan Chapman alive and well and working in Australia

Chapman, it should be noted, is definitely alive and well and is working on producing the film “The Daughter” in Sydney, Australia, as well as working on the hit thriller “The Babadook.” People from the Australian film industry that know Chapman well immediately headed to Twitter to put things right.

According to a report by Variety, Chapman and the late Patterson were close friends and worked together, plus they were both nominated for Oscars for their work on “The Piano” back in 1994. Patterson was actually nominated four times for an Oscar – the other three movies being the 1996 film “The Portrait of a Lady,” the 1997 film “Oscar and Lucinda,” and the 2009 movie “Bright Star.”