It has been six months since Jill Duggar Dillard, husband Derick, and son Israel have been away from the mission field in Central America, but they are now headed back. It was only a matter of time before they would leave their families once again to serve the people that they say that they have a heart for to care for them and to share their faith with. They put up a post on their Dillard Family website on Thursday to update everyone and to share their plans as well. They also posted a photo on Instagram as they were at the airport leaving on a plane.

Jill and Derick ask for money once again

Most missionaries will go around trying to fund their trip to wherever they are heading to and this reality couple is no exception. In addition to announcing that they are heading back to the mission field, they also wrote that they are in need of money for living expenses and to help the people that they serve there. While many Duggar fans support them as they ask for support, many others see it as ‘begging for money.’

However, the “Counting On” stars say that the money that they get from others as donations are not just for them, but that a lot of it goes to the families that they help in Central America. They mention the fact that they always strive to live frugal lives, and that seem to be true as seen in their TLC reality show.

Many times Jill Duggar and her sisters are seen shopping at stores like Goodwill and garage sales.

Baby number two on the way

Fans of the Duggar Family are very worried about Jill going back while pregnant with the second Dillard baby. They were hoping that she and Derick would decide to stay in the states to give birth before they head back to the mission field.

However, they miss the people there and have chosen to continue their work while she is pregnant.

The good news is that Jill Duggar Dillard will be having this new baby at home in Arkansas when the time comes to give birth. They said on their blog that even though their family is leaving, they will be coming back for the birth of this baby.

It will only be a short while, but at least they will be around their families and will not be in a remote area to have this bundle of joy.

Concerns for Jill Duggar and her family

The couple has emphasized the dangers of living in that area of Central America where they are located. The expectant mom even cried on one episode of “Counting On” as she talked about living there and worrying about her husband and child, as well as herself. That danger also includes the Zika virus that can affect unborn babies. However, their concern for the people there that they have grown to love seems to outweigh their own fears of danger in Central America. What are your thoughts on Jill Duggar Dillard heading back to the mission field while pregnant?