The once "bullied" Kylie Jenner is the "ugly stepsister" of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" no longer. The 19-year-old reality TV star posted Internet-busting lingerie selfies leaving nothing to the imagination. Wearing a postage stamp of lace across her crotch, Kylie set out to prove she's just as hot as sisters Kendall Jenner and Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. She also settled a few plastic surgery rumors. Kyle's massive Kim Kardashian hips, butt cheeks and thighs proved once and for all that yet another Jenner has had butt implants.

Buttocks Mother Nature never intended

The Jenner-Kardashian girls like big butts (their own) and they cannot lie. And they're not afraid to go under the plastic surgeryknife to achieve their goals. Their addiction to surgically enhanced buttocks is what Michael Jackson was to nose jobs. Kim Kardashian has a rump so bulbous she has balanced a wine glass on it in photos! There's rumor that Khloe Kardashian has had so much silicone crammed in her hips that they once sprung a leak. So it seems Kylie is giving the sisters seri-"ass" competition.

Kylie has complained that she has been "bullied" for not being as pretty as her sisters and even her mom Kris Jenner. So the little sister begged mummy to let her get work done like her big sisters, mom and dad (Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner) have.

Then when her nose, eyebrows, lips, boobs and chin looked different, she denied getting cosmetic surgery. Why do celebrities do that when it's as obvious as the nose jobon their faces? Reports have verified fully six different procedures--rhinoplasty, chin job, boob job, eyelid tuck and eyebrow lift. But one not listed is the one that's the most obvious, the new butt implants.

Weight gain or new, improved bottom?

Comparing photos before butt implants, Kylie has thin thighs and rump. In the next photo she's sporting a massive tush. She says that's down to weight gain but can one gain 25 pounds just in one area? And then how come she posts these pictures flaunting obviously much largerhips? In a string bikini there's no hiding that reshaped butt job. So Kylie's lingerie selfies should settle the "bullying"but also the cosmetically enhanced butt questionfor good.