Wes' character development is one that can only be described as depressingly unfortunate. He's introduced to us in Season 1 as an eager, naive, bright and insecure college student, trying to manage being in college and working for Annalise.Sadly, it doesn't take long for this to start spiraling out of control. He somehow ends upkilling Sam, Annalise's husband, to protect Rebecca, his then girlfriend. As a result, Wes, Michaela, Connor, Laurel, Frank, Bonnie, and Annalisemustfigure out howto cover up this murder and throw the police off their scent.

By the end of the season, Wes is a completely differentperson.

Mourning his girlfriend

Season 2begins with Wes under the impression that Rebecca, his maybe-sorta-ex-girlfriend, is alive and in hiding. The audience knows that Rebecca was actually killed, and we later find out that it was Bonnie who suffocated her to death. Rebecca's disappearance sends Wes into a deep depression and causes him to distance himself from the rest of the Keating 5. He growssuspicious of Annalise (rightfully so) and convinced that she knows what really happened to Rebecca. Eventually, Wes finds out that Annalise knew that Rebecca was dead and lied to him about it for weeks. He responds by shooting herin the stomach.

Hating Annalise

Wes remains distantfrom everyone even after he shoots and nearlykills Annalise. Besides Laurel, Wes spends hardly any time with anyone. After Annalise returns home, Wes seems desperateto see her but not remorseful at all.Wes feels betrayed and manipulated by Annalise and their relationship continues to worsen as he tries to get more information from her.

It is later revealed that not only did Annalise know about Rebecca, but she also knows about Wes' mother, father, and what happened to him as achild.


As a child, Weslived in poverty and had to deal with mother's mental illness. Although he was told that she committed suicide, he continuesto wonder if there's more to the story.

He learns that his mother killed herself due to the stress of a court trial that Annalise needed her to testify for. He also finds out that his father is Wallace Mahoney, a wealthy businessman that raped his mother. Wes' lack of knowledge about his parents plays a huge part in his emotional unavailability and lack of trust.